How To Care For Your Motorcycle Leather Gear And Make It Last

How To Care For Your Motorcycle Leather Gear And Make It Last

Bike bandit’s motorcycle leather care guide

Despite the introduction of new fabrics over the years, leather remains a mainstay when it comes to the best motorcycle protective gear, as its durability offers great natural protection. However, leather is the product of animal hide and therefore requires special care. Here are five essential steps to making your gear last.

Use a Desalter

You likely sweat a lot when out on the highway, and your leather absorbs that perspiration. When the sweat eventually evaporates, salt is left. This can cause the material to crack. To prevent this issue, you should use a desalter after a long ride.

Wash With Appropriate Shampoo

When washing motorcycle clothing made from leather, it’s vital that you use a cleaning product designed specifically for that purpose. Other products may be too harsh or drying and damage the material. There are a number of shampoos on the market formulated to not only clean leather, but also preserve it.

Dry Completely

Never wear your gear when it’s still wet. This can lead to mildew and damage. Instead, make sure your gear is completely dry before taking it out on the road.

Avoid heat sources like radiators, clothes dryers or blow dryers. The heat can undermine the leather’s integrity and lead to cracking. It’s best to simply hang up your gear in a dry place. You can use a cool fan if you need it to dry faster.

Apply Conditioner

Once your gear is dry, apply conditioner. This should keep it supple and prevent cracking.

You can condition every few months, even without washing first. In fact, this upkeep can actually lead to less desalting and washing.

Protect Against Weather

If you often ride in wet weather, you may want to consider waterproofing your gear with one of the following products:

  • Wax
  • Oil
  • Spray

Protection from water means less absorption and less time spent hanging out to dry.

It’s fine to look for cheap motorcycle parts when upgrading or repairing your bike, but you don’t want to skimp on treating leather. By giving your gear a little TLC, it can have your back for years to come.